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Organizations lay out their challenges and Communitech's Fast Track collaboratives harness homegrown tech solutions to tackle them

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Is your company facing challenges? Seeking solutions? Look no further!

We will propel your challenges into the spotlight, connecting you with the finest tech talent in the country. 

Fast Track Cities

Connecting founders with municipalities to tackle transportation and supply-chain challenges

Fast Track Health 

Bringing together founders and health-care professionals to solve Canadian health-care challenges


Sell to big customers at home, then around the world.

Communitech’s Future of X collaboratives connect you to partners ready to validate ideas and explore solutions.

We’re looking for homegrown tech solutions to tackle Canada’s top health-care challenges. Think you can help? Applications open September 19, 2022.


Tackle industry problems and leverage Canada’s competitive advantage, Tech For Good™.


Gain valuable introductions to and insights from industry-leading customers and build a sales process to scale.


Easily pilot solutions, navigate the procurement process and sell to big customers with the Fast Track collaboratives. 

Big opportunities

Here are just some of the brands who have partnered with us to connect with tech solutions like yours:

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Let's tackle it together! We're here to assist you in finding the right solution. Reach out to us here to get started.

Absolutely! Our Fast Track program is all about customization. Let's craft a program that fits your needs and hooks you up with top-notch Canadian tech.