Communitech welcomed our community of founders and friends back to the Hub for Techtoberfest on Thursday, Oct. 13.

The day-long event featured Hub tours, investor meetings, peer-to-peer gatherings and an update on Team True North – all against a backdrop of Bavarian food, music and Gemütlichkeit – that's German for good cheer.

For a comprehensive written account of the day's events, check out this story by Kevin Crowley.

Meanwhile, here's a sampling of images from the festivities, captured by Meghan Thompson and Anthony Reinhart.

Meg for pic post-07.jpg

Techtoberfest coincides with the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, so the Hub was decked out accordingly. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-13.jpg

Check-in began at noon – just in time for lunch. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-23.jpg

Polka king Walter Ostanek, three-time Grammy winner, with our new friends from Constant Contact. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-16.jpg

Cabbage rolls, sauerkraut and only the best wurst. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-13.jpg

Dirndl! Yep, it has just the one vowel. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-32.jpg

And lederhosen, of course. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-27.jpg

Bier! That's German for beer. In case you didn't know. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Techtoberfest news post-30.jpg

Who wants a Hub tour? Hats welcome but not required. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-15.jpg

Checking out what the Hive has to offer. Hint: awesome leadership development for your team. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-20.jpg

We hope we look as good as Walter does when we're 87. Onkel Hans is all right, too. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-14.jpg

Checking out our cool workspaces (pssst, they're available). (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-32.jpg

Fielding pitches at Investorhaus . . . (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Techtoberfest news post-35.jpg

. . . and following up with some deeper conversation. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-31.jpg

Seriously, what's not to love about a soft pretzel? (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-10.jpg

Or a ride on our slide, for that matter? (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-06.jpg

What's the future of health? Ask Adam. He knows. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-24.jpg

Meanwhile, at the selfie station . . . (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-27.jpg

That's Tom Jenkins on the left, one of Communitech's founders and Chair of the Board of OpenText. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-34.jpg

That way! (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Techtoberfest news post-31.jpg

 No, that way!! (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-25.jpg

Is there a German word for ''hat bedecked with amazing pins?'' (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-38.jpg

Or for ''hat festooned with a giant purple feather?'' (Meghan Thompson photo) 

Techtoberfest news post-29.jpg

''The opportunities for health-care innovation are THIS BIG.'' Joel says. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Techtoberfest news post-05.jpg

Like our new wall? Grace did that. Go Grace!! (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-33.jpg

Founders gather for the Team True North update. And dinner. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-37.jpg

Catching up. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-41.jpg

More catching up. (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Techtoberfest news post-40.jpg

And even more catching up! (Anthony Reinhart photo)

Meg for pic post-34.jpg

Mike McDerment of Freshbooks shares wisdom on how to weather a choppy economy. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-35.jpg

And the big reveal: Communitech CEO Chris Albinson names the newest members of Team True North. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Meg for pic post-36.jpg

And that's a wrap. (Meghan Thompson photo)

Techtoberfest news post-09.jpg

See you next year? Hope so. (Anthony Reinhart photo)