The integration of data and technology has the potential to revolutionize health care.

That was the common theme running through a recent Communitech-led showcase event that featured 10 Canadian technology companies presenting solutions to a set of health-care challenges faced by Canadian hospitals, clinics and other health-care providers.

The Fast Track Health initiative is based on an “integrated markets” approach that brings sector professionals together to identify common challenges and then invite Canadian tech companies to submit solution proposals. 

For the latest cycle of Fast Track Health, 10 companies were selected to present their innovative solutions to an audience of health-care leaders, investors and others.

The virtual showcase opened with remarks from Christopher Burgh, Associate Partner, Healthcare Transformation at EY, foundational partner of Fast Track Health. 

“With rising demands on our health-care system, provinces and organizations need to find a way to build a longer-term capacity,” said Burgh. “As such, we find ourselves at a point where the integration of data and technology has the potential to revolutionize how we approach health care, acting as a bridge that connects visionary ideas with required tangible outcomes.”

The virtual showcase drew more than 90 attendees from health care, technology, investment and other sectors.

The Fast Track Health collaborative worked with professionals in health care, academia and innovation to identify key challenge areas. Earlier this year, Communitech issued a nationwide call for solutions centered on the following four areas:

  • Developing Tools for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Medical Conditions. 
  • Creating an Integrated Health Data System for Preventative Care. 
  • Comorbid Condition Management for Improved Health Outcomes.
  • Secure Access to Patient Data for Collaborative Care. 

Forty submissions were received. The following 10 companies were chosen to present their solutions:

  • AIMA Laboratories  
  • Cauchy Analytics
  • Foqus Technologies           
  • Hyivy Health 
  • Key Metrix                
  • Llif Healthcare         
  • PragmaClin Research        
  • Rocket Doctor          
  • Topology Health      
  • VeroSource     

Each of the chosen companies were offered dedicated coaching from Communitech’s seasoned growth coaches, as well as introductions to health-care providers, organizations and potential customers in preparation for their showcase presentations.

They also have the opportunity to potentially pilot and partner with health-care groups such as: the Grand River Hospital Network, CAN Health Network, Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO), Integrated University Health and Social Services Network for West Central Montreal and their Connected Health Innovation Hub (OROT), among others.

The lineup of presentations featured founders who discussed solutions for gathering, analyzing and using patient data to enhance overall patient well-being and outcomes.

Founders presented a wide spectrum of solutions, ranging from a digital tool for assessing neurological disease and comorbidity progression using depth cameras to software that uses AI to enhance the quality and speed of medical imaging (MRI).

For example, Hyivy Health’s solution focused on a pelvic rehab system for women dealing with pelvic floor issues. The system includes a multitherapy wand, biosensors and a mobile app. The wand uses recognized rehab therapies while the biosensors track and securely communicate the patient’s therapy data. The mobile app allows patients to track their progress, input subjective data and interact with their therapists. 

The presentations also highlighted common challenges in health care, such as software disconnection, delayed diagnoses, longer MRI wait times, among others. 

A recording of all presentations is available here

The next cycle for Fast Track Health will launch at the end of October.