Are you protecting and leveraging your intellectual property?

ElevateIP is a federally funded, nationwide project designed to help business accelerators and incubators like Communitech provide the tools Canadian startups need to understand, strategically manage and leverage their intellectual property.

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Developing and protecting intellectual property is a core part of Canada's innovation strategy. It's also good for business.

Companies that invest in IP are:

  • 4x more likely to export.
  • 64% more likely to be high-growth.
  • 32% more likely to seek financing.

But Canada has a massive knowledge gap when it comes to intellectual property business strategy and implementation.

Across Canada:

  • Only 14% of Canadian companies performing research and development hold or use patents.
  • Only 17% of companies say IP protection is needed.
  • Only 9% of innovative companies said they have an IP strategy.

ElevateIP helps startups strengthen the development, understanding and protection of intellectual property. The program is part of a $90-million investment from the Government of Canada through its ElevateIP strategy. Communitech is a proud partner with Invest Ottawa and North Forge in delivering the ElevateIP program for startups in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

How we help

IP education
  • Access to national, provincial and regional IP resources.
  • Identify intellectual property strategy gaps.
  • Customized training for underrepresented or marginalized groups.
IP strategy development and implementation
  • Coaching and resources for startups to develop sound intellectual property strategies.
  • Assessments, advice, legal and advisory services from leading experts.
  • Expert support to undertake intellectual property strategy implementation at significantly lower costs.

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Intellectual property is a technology company’s most valuable asset – how companies strategically use IP from day one will set the stage for global success.

—James W. Hinton, Owner & Founder, Own Innovation

Strategic partners

Communitech is an ElevateIP Recipient: a national program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. leading in intellectual property supports for startups in Ontario.


Elevate IP is a federally funded, national project to help business accelerators and incubators (BAIs) provide the tools Canadian startups need to understand, strategically manage and leverage their intellectual property.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has compiled a list of Canadian IP Supports for Small Businesses which details many of the IP supports currently available for Canadian businesses.

Additionally, the government of Ontario has recently launched IP Ontario to help businesses in Ontario access IP supports.