Even though 2020 had its share of challenges (understatement!), we’d love to highlight some of our clients’ successes, which will position them well for the future. Many companies that collaborated with the Communitech Data & Advanced Technologies team last year made amazing strides forward.

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Accelerating product development


Funding and access to 5G technology at Communitech allowed SSIMWAVE to put their ideas to the test in a real-world environment and accelerate some of the work – it helped them develop technology to measure the experience of each and every viewer in the video delivery chain.

OTTO Motors

Funding through AVIN Waterloo Ventures enabled integration of 3D perception mapping into OTTO Motors product lines to increase vehicle speed, navigation accuracy and ability to perform safely through enhanced collision avoidance.


Funding through AVIN Waterloo Ventures helped MapYourProperty to develop a scalable data automation program – an algorithm that can pull large datasets from multiple sources in minutes. One visual result is an urban change “heat map” to allow autonomous vehicle HD mapping companies to identify targets for updated mapping.


Funding and access to 5G and advanced network testbeds at Communitech enabled blueRover to further develop and test their wireless remote monitoring software service, included in their mobile IoT sensors – part of Danby’s design of a new freezer that can get as cold as -86 C to help store and distribute the COVID vaccine.


Finding competitive advantage

Clearpath Robotics

Funding and access to 5G technology at Communitech gave Clearpath an earlier-than-normal advantage critical to keeping their competitive edge and staying ahead of the space.

MAJiK Systems

Funding and access to the advanced network testbed at Communitech allowed MAJiK  to test Visual Factory (product for real-time analysis of equipment performance for improved optimization) to ensure scalability with the new cloud-hosting architecture.

Aterlo Networks

Funding and access to the advanced network testbed at Communitech helped Aterlo Networks to rigorously challenge and validate their appliance (Preseem – a quality-of-experience measurement and improvement appliance for fixed wireless internet service providers) and go to market with confidence.


Solution identification and collaboration


To address 5G security, Communitech hosted a Virtual Pitch Connection, where nine applicants were narrowed down to six pitches resulting in Rogers exploring relationships with four SMEs.

Grand River Hospital

Communitech hosted a Reverse Pitch event to spotlight contact line tracing challenges, which resulted in 10 RFP submissions from nine companies leading to Grand River Hospital entering initial discussions with three SMEs.

P&P Optica

The Communitech Data Canvas workshop helped P&P Optica to collate thoughts and uncover challenges the organization needs to address to establish an effective data strategy.