We are excited to announce that Wavy has raised a CAD $2.5 million seed round to establish our platform as the place where culture happens. This round was led by Laconia Capital, with participation from Garage CapitalTwo Small Fish VenturesArchangelEquation AngelsBackbone Angels, and others. 

Wavy empowers people leaders to plan flexible events, collaborate across teams, gain visibility on spend and engagement, and measure the impact of their culture and team building initiatives. 

Creating human connection in a world of work that’s digital by design 

Wavy empowers hybrid teams to build and measure connection through shared experiences, and build culture with their people, not for them. With our platform, people leaders can plan flexible events, collaborate across teams, gain visibility on spend and engagement, and measure the impact of their culture and team building initiatives. 

“Wavy is the new operating system for culture and is tackling the biggest uncertainty at work right now - people. It’s a solution that creates intentional connection and belonging in a world of work that’s rapidly evolved to become digital by design,” said Brittany Forsyth, Founding Partner at Backbone Angels and former Chief Talent Officer at Shopify.

“With over 80% of companies choosing remote and hybrid work for the future, the challenge of establishing culture and community has never been clearer. Every company is searching for ways to combat a lack of connection, increased employee burnout, decreased morale, and talent churn,” said Geri Kirilova, Managing Partner at Laconia Capital. “Wavy’s holistic approach tackles the problem head-on, bringing a fresh approach and a big vision to an underserved category.” Wavy is Laconia’s first investment in a Canadian company.

Shared experiences are just the beginning 

Since launching our Experience Marketplace in spring 2020, over 10,000+ employees have engaged in experiences across food, drink, games, arts, wellness, and entertainment. Along the way, we’ve gotten to partner with 30+ small businesses to bring these events to life.

"Employees across our remote-first workplace report feeling 92% more connected after Wavy experiences. With events like game shows, painting and planting, magic lessons, and campfire sessions, we can measure a real sense of connection at Loopio,” said Alexis MacDonald, VP People at Loopio, which has more than 200 employees throughout Canada and the U.S. 

We’ve worked with companies around the world who are shaping the future of flexible work and team engagement. This includes high-growth tech companies like Loopio, Wattpad, FundThrough, Guusto, Relay Financial, and Achievers; and large enterprises such as Intuit, Shopify, Deloitte and Intact.

Building the new culture platform for flexible teams

“We introduced a solution for flexible team building and culture at a time when it was really needed. To date, our biggest challenge so far has been keeping up with customer demand,” said Neshay Ahmed, CTO and co-founder of Wavy. “Now, with the support of our investors, we can realize our complete product vision to ensure companies have the tools to plan, manage, and measure the impact of culture initiatives with ease. As the world of work continues to change, we’re working closely with our customers to not only understand their pain points, but to help them put the voice of the employee first. ” 

Today, our Culture Management Platform acts as the central hub that enables leaders to build company culture with their people, not for them. Our goal is to help companies attract new hires, create a sense of community, increase employee satisfaction, and ultimately, improve retention over time. Using Wavy, companies can seamlessly engage employees in the culture development process and ensure visibility of these efforts across teams. 

“When people get together, magic happens. Human connection is so important and it’s at the center of everything we do. In a remote or hybrid work environment, that can get lost,” said Shawn Hewat, CEO and co-founder of Wavy. With this funding in place, we are incredibly well positioned to bring our vision to life for a solution that enables every company to build intentional culture and plan meaningful initiatives, regardless of where people are located.”

This funding will be used to: