There’s something for everyone when it comes to lifestyle technology. Waterloo Region is happy to have a number of prominent tech companies setting the stage for unique apps and programs, simplifying user’s lives and creating fun for all.

Joining midday show host Eric Drozd in studio is Tobisz Daniewicz, and Samantha Sousa of Reebee, a smartphone app built to provide people with an easy way to browse flyers and save money. Over the past two years, Reebee has challenged and changed the way Canadian retailer views mobile flyer marketing.

With over 700,000 Canadians now making purchases decisions with Reebee, they’ve reached a critical, rapidly evolving consumer mass that is enabling them to build the next generation of flyer experiences. Reebee is flyers at your fingertips.

Sean Snyder is the founder of Trend Trunk, an award-winning online consignment store where users can buy and sell fashion and accessories. Beyond that, Trend Trunk is committed to being a socially responsible company. They’ve created Closets & Causes - a simple way to raise funds while users sell and buy items. Either on the website or mobile app, users can support their favourite charity, non-profit group, or any cause they’re passionate about. Trend Trunk has even been featured on Dragon’s Den.

Currently located in the University of Waterloo’s Velocity Garage at Communitech, Pout is a new style community, helping to connect fashion enthusiasts like hair and makeup artists, bloggers and YouTube influencers in one place. Co-founders Riley Donelson and Laura Smith are excited to be making an impact in the world of fashion, style and makeup blogging. The pout app is available for iOS and helps users share, discover and connect with a global community united by the love of fashion.

Laura codes Pout. She holds two degrees in software engineering and business from the University of Western Ontario. She has previous experience building iOS for the popular social app, Pinterest.

Riley designs Pout. He has a degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, with previous experience designing software for Apple.  

Also currently located in the University of Waterloo’s Velocity Garage, Happenate fuels workplace teams by giving employees the freedom to vote for the next team-building activity. Kris Braun, Chief Happenator and founder, and Cory Schnurr, Partnerships and Community Builder, look for unique ways to engage employees, whether it’s beer delivered to the office, an outing at a haunted house, or a canoe tour of the Grand River. It all happens in three steps: You give a team reward, a Happening, which works like a group gift card using a budget you set. Your team then chooses their experience from their catalogue, and Happenate makes it happen. Like a concierge, they take care of everything: organizing, booking, building excitement and capturing memories.