Nine founders representing six companies have been accepted into a fully funded Phase One of the Accelerator Centre’s TD Sustainable Future Program, the Accelerator Centre announced Monday. The program aims to bring local innovations in clean technologies (cleantech) to market in order to support Canada’s climate plan.

The Accelerator Centre, ranked by Sweden-based intelligence agency UBI Global as the No. 1 private business accelerator in Canada and among the world’s top five, has supported 34 cleantech founders, generating 114 local jobs in cleantech since 2018.

The six selected companies will undergo a four-month structured market validation process to validate assumptions, gain market insights and learn the key features required for a minimum viable product.

“Our cleantech program is nationally recognized as a Canada Clean50 Top Project due to its great contribution to sustainable development and clean entrepreneurship in Canada,” says Accelerator Centre CEO Dr. Paul Salvini. “The Accelerator Centre created the program based on a clear need to clean, support, strengthen, and future-proof the Canadian economy. We are very excited to support the region’s most innovative thinkers with our funded cleantech market validation.”

The chosen recipients are APSALD, House Of BambooIXIM, OneDispenser, Sacred Forest, and Spend Less.

“The collection of new businesses are a great representation of the diversity of companies that we work with,” says Accelerator Centre programs and client experience manager Leanne Armstrong. “From a sustainable living brand to an environmentally positive burial/cremation alternative, and from sustainable building materials to smart food packaging that increases shelf life, there’s a great variety of concepts. And that’s what cleantech is: any service, process or product that reduces negative environmental impacts. It’s a very diverse and exciting area.”

Current cleantech client companies in the Accelerator Centre’s TD Sustainable Future Program include AMPERe, a research and development company that has produced a revolutionary engine that could make the transportation industry carbon-free; Evercloak, producer of a patented technology for the continuous coating of single layer nanomaterials over large areas; and Environmental International Inc. (SusWork), a system that turns biodegradable waste into sustainable bio-methanol.

“Cleantech innovation and the green economy will only grow in importance,” says Salvini. “The global transition to a low-pollution and low-carbon economy is a big economic opportunity for Canadian innovation. We help prepare companies to compete and win in this global market.”

About the Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre is an award-winning startup accelerator in Waterloo dedicated to building and scaling sustainable, globally competitive companies and giving startups the highest probability of long-term success. It is ranked as the No. 1 private business accelerator in Canada (world top five) and has been named Accelerator of the Year at the Canadian FinTech and AI Awards for the past two years.

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