MANCHESTER, N.H., July 18, 2022 – Bellwether Community Credit Union and Senso have partnered to improve the homebuying experience for existing and incoming members.

With Senso's AI solution branded Bellwether HomeInsight, Bellwether can proactively identify home-buying behavior and initiate personalized digital journeys which provide members with tailored insights so they can make better decisions leading up to what's likely to be the largest financial transaction of their lives.

"At Bellwether, we strive to deliver trusted financial solutions to give back to our loyal members so they can enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies," said Jeff Benson, Bellwether Chief Operating Officer. "Senso provided the perfect balance of AI and personalization within their mortgage engagement platform. HomeInsight will give future homebuyers exactly what they need."

Senso Engage enables mortgage originators to automate highly personalized nurturing campaigns which engage prospective borrowers at multiple different touchpoints, mapping the steps in a customer's journey and identifying where they might be dropping off. Residential lending teams can integrate Senso Engage with their existing tools to dramatically increase reach and effectiveness by executing predictive campaigns across email, text, and push notifications resulting in accelerated mortgage growth and reduced advertising spend. Most importantly, Senso Engage highlights the credit unions as a proactive, trusted resource which builds advocacy with members.

"Increasing client penetration in the credit union space is a real need that Senso is able to solve using advanced technology," said Chris Otey, CRO of CU2.0, an organization which connects Fintech's and Credit Unions to solve some of the industry's biggest problems. "We're excited about this collaboration as it's at the heart of the CU2.0 philosophy."

The focus is to provide potential Bellwether homeowners with education and guidance which assists them in making the right decisions in this challenging environment. Senso offers sophisticated tools to enhance top of funnel growth by engaging and nurturing borrowers from initial contact to close, and guides homebuyers on how interest rate changes impact their affordability.

"Bellwether Community Credit Union is at the forefront of innovation and is committed to providing its members with proactive experiences which guide them to make better decisions," said Saroop Bharwani, CEO and co-founder of Senso. "Senso is excited to partner with Bellwether to enhance their member engagement strategy and build deeper relationships with new and incoming members."

About Senso

Senso is committed to providing anyone dreaming of their next home purchase with a better experience from their existing financial institution. Built with the homebuyer in mind, Senso is a Toronto-based intelligence and engagement platform designed to help mortgage lenders build long-lasting relationships by proactively engaging borrowers leading up to their next home purchase or HELOC. Senso enables financial institutions to proactively provide prospective borrowers with highly relevant insights months before their next home purchase.

About Bellwether Community Credit Union

Since 1921, Bellwether Community Credit Union has offered financial services to consumers residing or working in New Hampshire and Essex and Middlesex counties in Massachusetts. As a not-for-profit credit union, Bellwether focuses on giving back to members through better rates and lower fees; local, personal service; and digital channels which simplify how people bank, borrow and pay. Members can access their accounts at nearly 30,000 free ATMs nationwide and approximately 6,500 CU Service Centers around the world. Bellwether Community Credit Union has branches in Bedford, Manchester and Nashua.

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