Scispot, a life science lab informatics company backed by Y Combinator, has launched Datarooms, allowing life science labs to automatically share or receive data from team members, partners, collaborators, and contract research organizations (CROs) in the human and machine-readable formats of their choice. Datarooms is an extension of Scispot’s Labsheets, a no-code relational database product designed to allow any lab to integrate life science data, simplify inventory management, and automate workflows. Labsheets integrates with hundreds of 3rd-party apps, a no-code feature library, and a developer toolkit to centralize and connect internal and external R&D data.

With Labsheets Datarooms, life science labs can ditch their highly rigid customized lab software that is not fit for purpose to scale. Datarooms can help labs save millions of dollars by automating data transfer, cleansing, and utilization, therefore accelerating data-driven R&D decisions.

“We created the Datarooms extension based on the requests of data teams, outsourcing managers, and researchers at biotech companies and CROs. Datarooms fills an important lab data management gap by letting life science labs securely receive or share slices of data directly in specific formats,” said Satya Singh, co-founder and President, Scispot.

Life science research is rapidly changing to a distributed and virtual R&D model, which often involves multidisciplinary teams in multiple locations. This brings considerable challenges in managing data generated by different players in various formats. Current lab information management systems (LIMS) are not designed to support this new R&D model and fail to highlight connections between data and metadata stored across multiple labs and companies.

We chose Scispot’s Labsheets as our digital arm to connect R&D, operational and commercial data, and automate repetitive workflows,” said Ponni Anand, co-founder and CEO of Ignyte Bio. “Datarooms has the potential to become a go-to tool for virtual and semi-virtual biotech companies.”

With Scispot’s Datarooms, labs can standardize data formats, automate data structuring and cleaning, and ensure high quality, connected data. Researchers can selectively transfer data among different audiences, including internal stakeholders, external collaborators, and customers. By allowing life science labs to control who can access and utilize which data, Datarooms helps ensure data security and regulatory compliance.

To see Datarooms in action, book a demo ( and join Scispot in their mission to make digitalization and workflow automation possible for every life science lab.


Scispot is a Y Combinator-backed life science informatics company based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Scispot has created digital tools for modern life science startups and scaleups including Labsheets, a no-code and modern LIMS alternative, widely adopted by biomanufacturers, diagnostic labs, drug discovery companies, and contract research organizations (CROs). Scispot customers use Labsheets to automate workflows and stitch together lab data generated by distributed R&D. To learn more, please visit or book a product demo (