RainStick Shower is excited to announce that we've partnered with @RoheHomes to bring sustainable showering to their Canadian-built modular homes.

Rohe Homes has seen significant interest in off-grid housing over the past few years. After meeting with the RainStick team, a synergistic collaboration quickly became apparent with a common purpose to create eco-friendly living environments.

“We see modular and pre-fabrication as the future of home building. Rohe Homes prioritize energy and water-efficient envelopes in a method that is extremely low-carbon and economical,," said Alisha McFetridge, CEO and co-founder of RainStick Shower.

RainStick provides a shower solution that saves up to 90 per cent of water and energy while providing double the flow rate of a standard low-flow shower system.

For more details on Rohe Homes, visit www.rohehomes.com.