Toronto, Ontario: Hello Prosper Inc. has announced the launch of their flagship product, Prosper, available on the app store for iOS. Prosper is the interview coaching app for job seekers to boost their confidence and performance in the interview. The app guides users through their job search with training content, practice tools, and 1:1 chat-based coaching. You may also think of Prosper as “the interview coach in your pocket”.

Prosper helps job seekers train for their interview anytime, anywhere. Users practice answering common interview questions, get feedback from a dedicated Prosper coach and track their progress with scored exercises. Users can also listen to content to boost interview performance, while on-the-go. Plus, they can also chat with a dedicated coach who will give them feedback, answer questions, and keep them accountable throughout the job search.

“Prosper has been an amazing experience! My coach helped me ace my interviews and land my first internship this summer. Prosper also helped me develop my professional voice by giving me the confidence to share my story. This helped lower my nerves in the interview and at networking events. I am very thankful for everything Prosper has done for me and I would highly recommend Prosper to anyone who is training for interviews.” – Erin Y, Canadian Undergraduate Student

Prosper coaches have a minimum of 5+ years of experience in Human Resources, Career Coaching, Team Development or Corporate Recruiting. Additionally, coaches bring work experience from a variety of professional industries - including technology, consulting, engineering, design, sales and marketing - to give users an inside view of how to be a successful candidate. Coaches support users at every step of their job search from understanding how to network, developing a personal brand, creating a job application and preparing for the job interview.

“As a full-time recruiter, I always wanted to incorporate career advising into my working life. Prosper gives me the fexibility to do what I love - coach - all from my mobile phone.” – Sim Tatla, a Prosper Coach

Today, Prosper is focused on building a future where it is easier for people to make the leap from school to career. Their vision is to make executive coaching services more accessible through technology to give students and job seekers the support they need, when they need it, at a price point that is accessible to everyone.

About Prosper:
Prosper is a mobile interview coaching platform that makes interview preparation simple, fun, and accessible on-the-go. The app guides users through the job search with training content, practice tools, and 1:1 chat-based coaching. To learn more, visit

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