WATERLOO, Ontario (Feb. 10, 2021) – Plum, the talent management platform provider that identifies the unique potential that exists within every employee, today reported its 2020 market momentum and shared direction for 2021.

As organizations prioritize potential over credentials in order to expand talent pools, attract diverse candidates and support internal mobility and employee development, Plum has experienced significant interest in its solutions. In October 2020, Plum launched the Plum Talent Resilience Platform – the HR industry’s only platform that empowers HR leaders and those involved in organizational transformation to map the unique talent and behaviors of every individual in the workforce to the business needs of the company, at scale.

Talent resilience has become core to post-COVID organizational success. 2020 challenged companies to reconsider and redefine how they support their workforces and optimize talent moving ahead. Identifying key soft skills and redeploying talent to align with the dynamic – often unpredictable – nature of business has become a primary objective that can be systematically accelerated with Plum’s platform.

Grounded in the science of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology, the Plum platform removes bias from talent decisions. Able to reveal a person’s innate talents – such as innovation, persuasion, teamwork, adaption and communication – it can be used across the entire workforce to place the right workers in the right roles so they will thrive. Plum also enables organizations to centralize multiple strategic functions on one platform by quantifying human potential, including workforce planning, identifying emerging leaders, qualifying job candidates, building succession plans, supporting employee training and development initiatives and fostering team-building through better analytics.

Existing clients include industry leaders such as Scotiabank. Having recently selected Plum to support talent acquisition, talent management and internal mobility programs are new clients Bentley Systems; Fortinet; Hyundai Canada; OLX Group; Sitel Group®; and Tata Steel.

“What's the one thing missing from Talent Management?” commented Plum co-founder and CEO, Caitlin MacGregor. “It’s business-critical data that was previously inaccessible – the ability to understand your talent by knowing what drives and drains each employee and reveals their unique strengths and potential. That's what Plum allows you to do. Plum helps organizations transform into truly human-centric organizations.”

“We are impressed with how innovative and unique the Plum platform is,” said Carole Balligand, VP, Talent Management & Employee Engagement, Sitel Group. “The full range of talent management capabilities, intuitive user experience and quality of data we will use to inform talent decisions across our organization made Plum really stand out. We look forward to using the Talent Resilience Platform to help take our employee development, emerging leadership and career-pathing programs to the next level.”

About Plum

At Plum, we believe in identifying and cultivating the unique potential that exists within every employee. We help innovative enterprise organizations use data-driven insights to make unbiased talent decisions across the employee lifecycle and unlock potential deep within their workforces. Our Talent Resilience Platform is the only talent management platform that applies the science of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology to the entire workforce at scale to quantify human potential, while enabling organizations to identify the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role. With these insights at their fingertips, customers can quickly and accurately map people to jobs where they’ll thrive, so their businesses can thrive too.