NexJ Health Inc. (NexJ Health), a provider of advanced virtual care solutions for chronic disease prevention and management, is announcing that its virtual care program for pandemic containment will be made available to healthcare providers, employers, and the general public to help manage and contain the COVID-19 pandemic. The program enables in-home screening, assessment and monitoring to prevent community spread of COVID-19, and will be available online at starting March 26th.

Delivered through NexJ Connected Wellness, a cloud-based virtual care platform, the program addresses the increasing burden of COVID-19 in Canada and across the globe in an effort to support people in isolation with information, symptom monitoring, social support and access to clinicians to improve mental health management and reduce hospital overload. By allowing in-home monitoring of temperature, and assessment of the severity of respiratory symptoms, as well as community exposure, the program enables proactive alerting and the provision of guidance from live Health Navigators and Nurses on whether to get tested, where to get tested, as well as information on social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine. Health Navigators serve as the first line of communication for general questions, and escalate cases to Nurses for further assessment, recommended actions, and support as necessary.

Program participants begin by completing an online assessment, and are able to regularly monitor temperature and symptoms through NexJ Connected Wellness. After initial assessment, participants receive a personalized program providing trusted educational material on topics including prevention guidelines, how to monitor signs and symptoms, what to do if you suspect you’re infected, and preparation and guidelines for self-isolation and quarantine. Support and connectivity capabilities help participants maintain social connections through Secure Messaging and Video Chat with their personal Circle of Care, Community Forums, up-to-date news and COVID-19 information from trusted sources, as well as content for stress management, resiliency and mindfulness. COVID-19 content is drawn from Health Canada, PHAC, Public Health Ontario, WHO, CDC, and Public Health England.

Population reporting and active monitoring of those sick, those at risk and those in treatment enables easy identification of high-needs participants who are then triaged and re-assessed by nurses, and referred to local assessment centres or emergency department.

NexJ Health’s virtual care program for pandemic containment is aimed at helping individuals prepare for and manage through the pandemic, while preventing community spread.

“Our clients are an already vulnerable population who are immunosuppressed and are trying to get their hands on all of the information they can,” says Stephanie Woodard, Manager, Health Coaching Strategy and Impact at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. “We are keen to offer our clients education and support on COVID-19 as a natural extension to NexJ Connected Wellness, our digital health platform.”

“With the rate of new cases of COVID-19 continuing to surge in Canada, it is essential to take measures to reduce the burden on the healthcare system,” says Dr. Noah Wayne, Director of Clinical Programs at NexJ Health. “By enabling in-home monitoring, population health reporting, and easy access to trained Health Navigators via secure messaging and video chat, NexJ’s pandemic containment program provides an effective method for ensuring everyone, especially those with the highest need, receive appropriate care.”

If you are interested in learning more or would like to request a demo, please reach out to Janine Tatham, VP Strategic Accounts at

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