Photo: Be Different [Explored] by Matthew is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Some people think no news is good news.

Not us.

In fact, we think more news is good news, especially when it comes to tech in Waterloo Region. And so today, we’re launching Communitech News, at, to keep you current on everything you need to know.

The first thing you might have noticed is the emphasis on strong visuals. The reasons are simple: Our stories are as much about people as they are about technology, so we want faces from our tech community to be front and centre.

We also want to give you, our virtual visitor, a bit more of a feel for what it’s actually like here at the Communitech Hub (to tide you over until you can drop by in person, that is). Hopefully, the sense of energy, diversity and surprise that strikes our physical guests will also come through here.

As for the news itself, you’ll see a lot more of it on Communitech News than we were able to display previously on the main site – which, by the way, will continue to serve Communitech customers and guests looking for help with or information about our programs and services.

To manage the increase in content and make it easy to find what you’re looking for, we’re prominently displaying our five most recent featured articles, followed by announcements, columns, our social channels, the 570 News Tuesday #Techhour podcast and a blog roll linking you to posts from companies in our ecosystem (if you don’t see yours, let us know).

To connect you to the rest of our content, we’ve built a main navigation menu (News, Columns, Multimedia, Contact Us and at the top of the page, directly below the Communitech News logo.

When you hover over News, you’ll see a sub-navigation menu that lists several categories based on subject matter: Communitech, an umbrella category where all of our news posts can be found; Startups, Small to Mid Size and Enterprise, for stories about companies in those three size categories; Ecosystem, for posts about our broader community not specific to any one company; and Member News, where Communitech members can let you know what’s happening at their companies.

Under the Columns tab, you’ll find View from the ‘Loo, my periodic look at the issues, people and events behind Waterloo Region’s tech sector; Tech About Town, a community people-and-happenings column by Kayleigh Platz; and M-Theory, where Melanie Baker weighs in on tech, workplace issues and Girl Geek Dinners. We hope to build on our roster of local columnists in the months to come.

Under Multimedia, you’ll find links to Videos from interviews and events; the 570 News Tuesday #Techhour podcast; and the many Photo Galleries that live on our Facebook page.

The Contact Us menu item will connect you with our Media Contacts; allow you to Share a Story Idea; or provide Site Feedback.

And finally, the link, in yellow, will take you back to the familiar Communitech main site, where, as always, you’ll be able to read about and connect with our programs and services.

In the startup spirit, we’ve launched this site fully expecting to make adjustments continuously based on your needs, and to spend more time chasing perfection than capturing it.

If you encounter any issues or want to share feedback, please let us know.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the site, return often and find that more news really is good news.