TORONTO, Ontario- MyCase, a cloud-based legal case management system, and Legalboards, the agile matter management platform, have announced a new integration partnership to streamline legal case management and improve legal professionals’ productivity. 

MyCase allows users to keep their cases organized, deliver exceptional client experience, and manage everything from intake to billing. Legalboards allows users to organize, track, and manage their workflow while also reducing the time spent on non-billable activities through automation. 

By integrating with Legalboards, MyCase users are able to expand their workflow automations, tasks, and more. 

With this new integration, users are able to streamline their processes further and automatically sync their accounts. Information is two-way synced between MyCase and Legalboards, saving users time and stress by eliminating the need to input information in their case management system twice. 

As the legal technology industry continues to grow and case management software evolves, this integration offers legal professionals more flexibility in their tech stack. For firms wanting to adopt intuitive and effective practice management software, this integration is sure to help them get more productive while ensuring their clients have the best experience possible.