Waterloo startup KA Imaging’s Premium Dual-Energy Mobile System, Reveal Mobi Pro, is now available for sale in the U.S. 

The product, a collaboration with UMG/Del Medical, is a mobile system integrated with the Reveal 35C, making it capable of offering dual-energy images.

“The U.S. imaging market is the largest in the world, often serving as the initial adopter of innovations,” Amol Karnick, CEO and President of KA Imaging, said. “Some of the most prominent healthcare systems globally are located there, making it a strategic move for us to enter this market.”

Incorporated in March 2015, KA Imaging is a University of Waterloo spin-off that focuses on creating X-ray imaging technologies and systems. The company offers solutions for the medical, veterinary and non-destructive testing industrial sectors.

The Reveal Mobi Pro merges KA Imaging's Reveal 35C detector with SpectralDR technology for a mobile X-ray solution, enabling health-care providers to capture regular and dual-energy X-ray images in one bedside shot. Clinicians receive standard X-rays and improved bone and soft tissue images in a single exposure at typical clinical doses.

“It’s a win-win-win: good for the technologist operating it, good for the radiologist reading better images and good, of course, for the patients who will have access to high-end technology in a highly used modality, which is X-ray,” Karnick said.

The company believes that the SpectralDR technology can be crucial in monitoring intensive care unit (ICU) patients, detecting conditions such as pneumonia or pneumothorax and assessing pulmonary issues as it addresses challenges of imaging in the ICU, including limited patient mobility and the need for quick turnaround.

“Agile decision-making is critical in this context,” Karnick said in a news release. “The ability to get increased diagnostic information from a procedure as simple as a chest X-ray in the ICU can simultaneously ease the burden on ICU staff, intensivists and radiologists.”

Karnick views the sale of Reveal Mobi Pro in the U.S. as an opportunity to address health-care challenges.

“The U.S. confronts its health-care challenges,” he added. “We strongly believe that we can contribute to improving outcomes in the US while simultaneously expanding and positioning ourselves as a strong Canadian company.”

As part of expansion efforts, Karnick confirmed plans to hire additional staff.

“Currently, we have around 50 employees,” he said. “As we grow, our team will have to grow as well so we can support our activities in the U.S.”