WATERLOO, ONT., Canada, (February 3, 2022) — iGUIDE – creator of an industry-leading spatial data solution for use in the real estate, insurance, restoration, property management, and affiliated industries — has announced the opening of their new office environment in Waterloo, Ont., focused on employee safety, data privacy, and secure IT infrastructure. The need for this new headquarters is driven, in part, by the company’s exceptional growth and expansion over the last two years.

“We are really excited to take this next step that is testament to our company’s growth. It is also a great opportunity to really focus on key work culture values we hold at iGUIDE, especially after navigating and adapting an unprecedented growth over the past two years. We firmly believe in investing in our customers’ growth and secure data privacy for organizations of all sizes,” said Michael Vervena, VP of Sales & Marketing of iGUIDE.

While the majority of iGUIDE’s workforce has successfully functioned remotely since the beginning of the pandemic, the company continues to prioritize employee safety with a new hybrid model allowing workers to operate both from home and the office. The goal is to create a work environment that embraces team collaboration when needed while providing enough flexibility to also support remote work.

The prevalence of remote work creates circumstances and requirements that can only be met by having an infrastructure in place to protect sensitive data. To this end, the new office, at 560 Parkside Dr., features state-of-the-art security across facilities, digital assets, and building protection, including secure rooms, secure data storage, and CC camera systems.

iGUIDE’s incredible growth has been fuelled by service provided across a number of verticals, including financial institutions, government infrastructure and hospital facilities. Given the important nature of these customers, security is of paramount importance. iGUIDE offers a trusted environment for the protection of sensitive data and privacy.

iGUIDE’s investment in added data secure infrastructure will facilitate data management for these stakeholders while also meeting the requirements that many businesses encounter in the process of bidding and retaining contracts.

While iGUIDE’s world-class infrastructure enables improved data management, data ownership is retained by the client, who continues to have the ability to self host. This allows companies to effectively outsource their data management while incurring less risk and lower costs.

About iGUIDE

Founded in 2013, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Planitar Inc. is the maker of iGUIDE, a proprietary camera and software platform for capturing and delivering immersive 3D virtual tours and extensive property data. iGUIDE is the most efficient system to map interior spaces and features accurate floor plans, measurements, and reliable property square footage. By integrating floor plans and visual data, iGUIDE provides an intuitive and practical way to digitally navigate and explore built environments.