WATERLOO, ONT., Aug. 8, 2022 – iGUIDE, an industry leader in 3D tours and floor plans for residential real estate, has grown to reach a market share of 20 per cent in homes sold in Canada and 37 per cent in homes sold in the province of Alberta, which has mandated Residential Measurement Standard for reporting square footage. This growth in the use of 3D tours comes as the National Association of Realtors 2021 Profile of Homebuyer and Seller report found that buyers who used the internet during their home search found virtual tours (77 per cent) and floor plans (85 per cent) to be useful.

“In 2021, we saw continued growth in adoption of iGUIDE on listings partly because of the pandemic and because this was the direction the market was naturally evolving,” said Michael Vervena, VP of Marketing and Sales, “Now looking at 2022, as the market became even more competitive, we continued to see a steady increase in sales and interaction on our platform, which to us, says that 3D virtual tools and floor plans are now staple tools for agents, sellers, and buyers alike.”

The results of iGUIDE’s Q2 data show the trend of investing in technology is only getting stronger. iGUIDE’s platform is used by agents and professional photographers both. The company’s multimedia platform specializes in 3D tour cameras and floor plans creation. Additionally, their capture process is extremely fast while providing reliable home measurement data. The total square footage calculations follow the ANSI-Z765 or RMS measurement standards and the iGUIDE contains the key information a buyer is looking for when shopping for a home.

“Our goal is to make sure the agent has the best tools and resources to enhance their abilities, not to replace them,” said Yara Al Guindy, Director of Marketing. “We are here to make sure agents are seen as the experts who invest in our technology because it helps them show value to their clients. We believe iGUIDE empowers agents with a very special, and unique set of virtual tools to effectively market a property better and ensure their clients are happy.”

iGUIDE’s core products include iGUIDE Report, which incorporates 3D tour links, professional images, room measurements, property square footage calculations, floor plans, and easy-to-embed code, proprietary cameras (ie: PLANIX Pro and PLANIX Core), iGUIDE Virtual Showing, room measurements, ANSI-compliant floor plans, and iGUIDE Analytics.

“We are providing reliable and relevant property information that helps consumers make better-informed decisions when choosing a home,” Vervena said. “The recent high demand and lack of inventory caused homes to sell extremely fast, and many top agents shared with us that using iGUIDE on their listings helped demonstrate value to their sellers. Now, as the market is shifting again, agents are telling us that these tools are becoming even more important than ever to help them compete for sellers whose numbers are decreasing in the current economic situation.”

For more information on iGUIDE, visit: goiguide.com.