Top entrepreneurs know that, sometimes, you have to break the rules to hit success. The people at Communitech's HYPERDRIVE know that too.

Faced with a stellar field of entrepreneurs all vying for space in our exclusive accelerator program, they ditched the old 10-company limit and this Friday will welcome 11 outstanding teams into the three-month sprint.

From how you collaborate to how you do business, from workouts to home searches, medical testing and more, this cohort has huge potential to create disruptive change.

Introducing HYPERDRIVE Cohort 2, going from seed to Series-A in just 24 months:

BeanEvo: Vancouver-based Beanevo promises to revolutionize accounting. The user-friendly web-based accounts payable SaaS aims to cuts the time and costs of invoicing. “From the minute the invoice arrives, through to getting it coded, approved and into your accounting software to be paid, BeanWorks makes it happen.” CEO: Catherine Dahl. @beanevo is declaring war on resumes. The science-based SaaS recruitment service uses scientifically proven, psychometric assessments to test each applicant before the employer reads a resume, ensuring the cream rises to the top. “We separate who you should see instantly, so you start meeting amazing candidates.” CEO: Caitlin MacGregor @Cream_hr

The Dandy Co.: Everyone has an app idea. Dandy creates a community to make the best ideas a reality. Users suggest, decide, design and test the apps. And once the apps go on sale, the profits are divided according to contribution. “Dandy is a launch pad for great app ideas, and a graveyard for bad ones.” Co-founders: Matt Scobel, Karl Allen-Muncey and Taylor Jones.

ESL Explorer: The global English as a Second Language (ESL) industry operates through storefronts that focus on commission, not client satisfaction. ESL Explorer introduces a TripAdvisor approach that puts students in charge and provides school information, social networking, ratings and reviews. “The ESL Travel industry is ripe for a healthy dose of the internet.” CEO: Nick Miller. @ESLExplorer

GroupNotes: Collaboration is getting a modern makeover thanks to GroupNotes, a tool that allows users to form digital groups, leave virtual sticky notes on webpages, and read the notes others have left behind. “This allows groups to avoid redundant research and start key collaborative discussions earlier in the research process, leading to better results, quicker.” Co-founders: Jason Moore and Matthew Gardner. @Groupnotes

Inception Mobile: App developers can say goodbye to platform barriers with Inception Mobile. The multi-platform app development model enables developers to transfer work done in Apple’s iOS codebase to Android, Windows, BlackBerry and other platforms. “Mobile development can therefore be done at a fraction of the cost, and time to market is vastly reduced.” CEO: Salmaan Ahmed.

Oikoi: This match-making platform isn’t about finding the perfect date. Oikoi wants to help people find the perfect home. By bringing together tenants, landlords and property managers, people can find what they want in a faster, easier, reliable system. “Oikoi specializes in quickly connecting tenants to highly relevant apartments, and providing pre-qualified leads to landlords.” CEO: Logan Fuller. @OikoiOnline

The Open Doors Network: Home ownership comes with a lot of maintenance. OpenDoorsNetwork aims to take the hassle out of that upkeep with web applications that send reminder emails for tasks and required services, links to recommended providers, coupons and information. It supports homeowners “in maintaining the biggest investment of their lives.” CEO: Bruce Whitaker.

PumpUp: PumpUp’s personalized fitness coaching app takes the mystery out of working out, so you can put the sweat in. The app features personalized routines that advance as you progress, instructions, coaching and motivation. “We make it simple for people with little to no fitness knowledge to create and perform high quality, personalized workouts.” CEO: Phil Jacobson. @PumpUp

ViewsIQ: ViewsIQ develops microscopy imaging solutions for research and clinical laboratories. Using its unique imaging software, lab samples can be viewed under a microscope, imaged, and sent to a pathologist anywhere in the world for analysis. “Slow lab results are delaying critical treatment decisions, compromising the patient’s quality of care.” CEO: Herman Lo. @ViewsIQ

WellRead: In the current information-saturated world, it can be hard to keep up with your industry, interests, thought-leaders and friends. WellRead brings together news, professional and social content, then sources related and important information, and presents it all in an easy, visual display. “WellRead gives you a personalized view of what’s important in your world.” CEO: Rob Darling. @WellReadMe

Be sure to follow their and Cohort 1’s progress on the HYPERDRIVE blog.