"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an entrepreneur in possession of a good idea must be in want of a meal.

We know that thinking hard takes a lot of brain power. We know that our entrepreneurs are always hungry. We know that the Communitech Hub often has food left over from events.

Enter the Food at the Hub easy button created by entrepreneur Matin Esfahani of Lumotune.

“I like food, but I like free food even better,” says Esfahani.

The concept is simple: when extra food is delivered to the Hub kitchen, reception presses an Easy Button... the iconic Staples gizmo.

If you sign up for Food at the Hub notifications, you’ll be notified of available food.

There are two easy options to be notified:

    • Text 'follow foodnotifier' to 40404, and/or
    • Follow @FoodNotifier on Twitter

Next time you’re hungry, check out Food at the Hub.

So yes, that was easy."