We don’t run hackathons. We make hackathons better. How?

    1. Hackers need raw materials from which to create awesome solutions.
      Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX) connects those who need data with those who have data. We can connect you with abundant resources to power your hackathon, such as locating and brokering the supply of specific data sets, obtaining relevant APIs and supplying other tools that relate to open data.

    2. Hackathon sponsors are looking for solutions that are rooted in the real world.
      ODX understands the opportunities and markets that relate to open data. We present the potential problems that hackers can solve to build a commercialization-capable solution that grabs the attention of the big guys.

    3. Hackathon organizers need mentors.
      Our team can be on hand to offer guidance, answer questions, and share the value of open data as a resource.

The data, technologies, and relationships that ODX brings to your hackathon are an essential developer tool, provided at no cost to you. We are pleased to offer support before and during your hackathon.

We are all about using open data for commercial purposes.

Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX) is a private-public partnership. Its mandate is to make it simple to access and use any open data for commercial purposes. ODX connects those who need data with those who have data. It develops tools to share data, a partner network to accelerate commercialization, and a national initiative to strengthen Canada’s technology brand. We’re turning open data into real wealth. Learn more at codx.ca

Get ODX on your team!
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Business Development Manager
Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX)
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