Technology isn't just driving change in the way we live - it's changing the way we work and the way we learn. These changes are impacting groups across our community. Employers are dealing with new generations of employees whose career expectations are drastically different from previous generations. They also want to have more impact in their roles at an earlier age.

Experienced workers are looking for new ways to engage in the workforce too - including fractional and part-time roles. They are also concerned about ensuring their skills keep pace with how quickly technology is changing which is creating a need for continuous lifelong learning. This is a driving a trend towards continuous lifelong learning. Educational institutions - colleges, universities and even K-12 - are being tasked with preparing the workers of tomorrow and are facing challenges keeping up with these changes. Our governments are all also looking for ways to support these new work methods and challenges.

Starting this past January, Communitech, Manulife, the University of Waterloo and Deloitte began a conversation on what all four groups - employers, employees, education and government - can do to build a community of practice to help future-proof organizations.

We've had engaging panels on topics such as using adaptive resilience to help manage workplace change. During True North 2019, we brought leaders from across the community together to retool our notions of work as tech reshapes the future.

The best way to get caught up on where we are is this episode of the Workforce Central Canada podcast hosted by Ron Painter, CEO of the National Workforce Board. Ron welcomes our own Simon Chan, VP, Talent, Academy and Future of Work at Communitech and Christine Robinson, Head of Human Resources at Manulife, to discuss this first of its kind in Canada community coalition of stakeholders - and what's next for the Future of Work.

We're continuing the Future of Work and Learning conversation this fall at the Communitech Breakfast Series event Taste the Future on November 20. Our speaker is Linda Nazareth and she'll be sharing insights on "Work Is Not a Place: Our Lives and Our Organizations in the Post-Jobs Economy".