WATERLOO, Ontario, August 2022 – International digital asset investment firm Global Emerging Markets (GEM) is providing Geeq Corporation with up to $25 million in funding.

The financing from GEM – which actively sources, structures and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally — sets Geeq firmly on the path to lead blockchain mass adoption. The Geeq platform is designed to address real-world problems with a sharp focus on the mission-critical factors of security, cost and ease of implementation.

Geeq CEO Ric Asselstine said: ”With the GEM capital commitment, we are ready to bring enterprise and individuals into the metaverse and Web3. Our easy-to-integrate solutions from fintech to gametech, NFTs to micropayments, boast the best blockchain security on the planet.”

The Geeq platform, with a forest-of-chains architecture, is designed for any blockchain application. The initial offering, Geeq Data, targets trust deficits within and between organizations by providing elevated data reliability, consistency and confidentiality, while blending seamlessly with existing systems. The benefits range from ensuring that multiple stakeholders are working with the same information, to maintaining fully permissioned audit trails. This hybrid public/private offering is a standalone solution, simply integrated at low cost without disrupting workflows.

Geeq will issue warrants to GEM to purchase up to 5.4 million GEEQ tokens over three years. The exercise of these warrants will act as another funding exercise for Geeq.

The 5.4 million Geeq tokens will be conducted from Unissued supply and locked into our custodian partner with releases over 3 years.

About the Geeq Project

Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by an entirely new, patent-pending blockchain consensus mechanism, which radically reduces the cost of securely transacting value at scale. It is safe enough for highly valuable data, fast and cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use.

Geeq was founded by a team of expert economists and technologists. The founders see unprecedented opportunity in decentralized technology that to date has not been realized, as existing blockchains are caught in a trade-off between scalability and security. Geeq resolves the dilemma with an accessible, dependable, low-cost solution that does not sacrifice either trust or capacity, unlocking blockchain’s real potential for the real world.

For all inquiries please contact press@geeq.io.

About GEM

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures, and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally.

Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is a $3.4 billion alternative investment group based in Paris, New York and the Bahamas. GEM manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed over 520 transactions in 70 countries. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return and liquidity profile. The family of funds and investment vehicles provide GEM and its partners with exposure to Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPEs) and select venture investments. For more information: http://www.gemny.com