Employment futures exchange JobJunxion Inc. is now accepting registrations from employers who want to secure their talent pipeline by connecting with post-secondary students while they are still in school.

JobJunxion allows employers to simplify entry-level recruiting with exposure at multiple college and university campuses with one sign-up. Employers can post positions or search the student database and connect with students to start onboarding early with placements, part-time jobs or mentorship, grooming talent now to fit future needs.

By starting a relationship while students are still in school, employer and employee can gauge culture fit and build loyalty on both sides. Students can tailor their skills and courses to meet their future employers’ needs and reduce stress by confirming their career path before they graduate.

JobJunxion is currently concentrating on Southern Ontario employers and post-secondary institutions with plans to expand.

The database is open for registrations from students and employers as of January 2019, with no cost to register. Employers should contact info@jobjunxion.ca for more information or visit jobjunxion.com.

Students at any stage in their post-secondary career (including recent grads) are also welcome to sign up now at jobjunxion.com.