Locals and visitors to Canada can now explore thousands of events, places and tours in both English and French with the launch of Driftscape’s multilingual user interface.

And, at a time when an increasing number of Canadians report their first language as other than English or French, Driftscape is now able to host tours and content in a variety of languages.

“Our new multilingual support for French is a long-standing goal for Driftscape that we are very excited to announce and release publicly,” said Dan Pronovost, COO of Driftscape. “We not only enabled our customers to add French translations for all of their content, but also support multilingual versions of audio and other media items. In addition, our mobile apps and web app are fully customizable to both a French and English user interface.”

With one click, users can choose either a French or English user interface to navigate in the language of their choice. And with the launch of Driftscape’s latest fully bilingual audio tour of Saint John, New Brunswick, the new feature opens the door to multilingual content, offering a new way to explore.

As a Canadian company, Driftscape has strived to provide as much support as possible to highlight the rich multiculturalism of our country. While doing so, the company also understood the importance of supporting both of our national languages. That said, while the interface is now in English and French, it has the ability to host stories shared by tourism partners in all languages, such as German, Spanish, Mandarin, and First Nations languages.

Equipped with more engagement features than any other platform on the market, Driftscape is the discovery app of choice for destinations, outdoor attractions, cultural organizations and museums across Canada.  

About Driftscape 

Driftscape is a Canadian startup whose core product is a local discovery and travel app. The Driftscape app provides a platform for municipalities, tourism and cultural organizations to share their stories in an interactive and engaging fashion to a growing base of active users.

For users, the app is a personal guide that helps them explore their surroundings from the point of view of local experts. The app also helps users discover places of interest, events and tours from a growing list of content partners.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Driftscape is an ad-free platform dedicated to making local culture easier to discover. There are currently over 7,000 points of interest, events and tours across Canada and in the United States on the Driftscape app. 

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