Cloud DX is pleased to announce the launch of its Cloud XR division as the company pursues opportunities to deliver its Virtual Clinician Assistant in an eXtended Reality platform consisting of Cloud DX's VITALITI continuous vital sign monitor and Connected Health software platform to render realistic 3D holographic images. This digital experience runs on Microsoft's Hololens 2 headset or through the Apple AR application. Together, this futuristic system is designed to serve as a fully functioning cornerstone of the new medical metaverse.

In October 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his iconic company's name would change to "Meta," an acknowledgment that the concept of the metaverse had reached critical mass. Applications that provide real and concrete benefits in the metaverse are gaining attention worldwide – especially those that intersect with health care.

The Cloud XR division will work with current and emerging partners to complete, test and launch a fully 3D holographic hardware and software solution that had been in development by Cloud DX and Sheridan Centre for Mobile Innovation since 2016.

This metaverse application will allow clinicians to view 3D holographic representations of a patient's body, real-time vital sign readings, diagnostic images and other data from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The Hololens 2 user interface (UI) allows clinicians to either view cutaway 3D representations of patients physically in front of them, or a patient located anywhere in the world with a 3D holographic "body" floating in space. Users can control the application with a combination of voice commands and hand gestures.

Real time data on all main vital signs are gathered by the Company's proprietary VITALITI continuous vital sign monitor, a patented and patent-pending system that collects heart rate, pulse rate variability, respiration, core body temperature, 5-lead ECG signals, blood oxygen saturation and most importantly, continuous non-invasive blood pressure.

The Cloud XR application is set to be integrated to a hospital's EMR system, allowing clinicians instant touch-free access to diagnostic images (x-rays, CT scans), medication records, charts, notes and other key data. Likewise, the voice command system allows doctors to dictate notes, order medications, and practise metaverse medicine completely hands-free.

Cloud DX eXtended Reality is protected by two granted U.S. patents, with additional patents pending in Canada, China, the European Union and Australia.

VITALITI by Cloud DX has received multiple prestigious awards, including the first-ever XPRIZE Bold Epic Innovator Award, Fast Company magazine "World Changing Idea" finalist, MEDy Award for Convergence from Exponential Medicine, a 2021 Edison Award and is co-winner of the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's 2021 Synergy Award along with Sheridan College, specifically for the eXtended Reality system.

An early iteration of the Cloud XR platform was displayed at a Singularity University event in Toronto in 2017 where it was featured in a Discovery Channel TV episode.

Applications for the eXtended Reality platform include touchless, hands-free interaction with patients vulnerable to infection, remote examination and treatment of patients by clinicians in any location, and the ability of multiple clinicians to consult on an examination of a patient from different locations. Cloud DX believes its Virtual Clinician Assistant is the most full-featured innovation currently under development for the medical metaverse.

"We began working with Cloud DX on the Clinic of the Future project in 2016, and together we have created a fully functioning platform with many real-life benefits for both patients and clinicians, especially as we emerge from the global pandemic," said Dr. Edward Sykes, Director, Sheridan Centre for Mobile Innovation. "I'm extremely excited to see Cloud DX commit to the next stage of testing and initial deployment of the VITALITI and Hololens 2 combination."

"After six years of intensive work, we are ready to show the world our cutting-edge eXtended Reality platform – at a moment in time when the delivery of services in a fully virtual metaverse is becoming the clear direction that many technologies are heading," said Robert Kaul, CEO and founder of Cloud DX. "Once again, Cloud DX has showcased its ability to be on the forefront of innovation, with an integrated system that extends our mission to make health care better for everyone."