Care2Talk has raised more than $1,000,000 in funding to help launch Care2Talk | Health, a platform to provide generational care. Special thank you to Mavan Capital, E-Fund, WUTIF, Sprout, Cindicates, and our active angel community.

How it all started...

Months into the pandemic, it became evident that, due to many restrictions, people living in care home situations were lonely and isolated.

It was the perfect time to start providing simplified video calling for seniors – a highly accessible mobile application that allows seniors and those with cognitive or physical limits to easily make video calls – One Simple Touch.

Customers can be family members subscribing for individuals or care communities and homes which provide various levels of senior care. In the case of care communities, they can have up to 300 residents, all of them being potential users.

As Care2Talk’s mission continues to grow, we will soon launch our telehealth platform for generational care in British Columbia. Providing generational care means that seniors in care communities and their families can easily access doctors, nurse practitioners, skilled nurses, social workers, and everything along the health-care spectrum. This will add an incredible amount of peace of mind for these family members knowing that their older adults are well cared for and have access to all levels of care – the stressless solution for health care.

We’re even adding the ability to deliver the necessary medications directly to their front door, in partnership with Yes Wellness and Halo Health Care.

The time is now, our aging population is rapidly growing.