Want to win $5,000? Silly question. Of course you do.

If you know how to build an online game, you just might, thanks to Axonify’s new contest, which seeks submissions from game developers around the world.

Waterloo-based Axonify is looking to not only raise awareness about the solution it provides to corporate learning, but to support grassroots game developers. What better way than a contest with incentive. After all, that’s what Axonify is all about -- using incentive through games and gamification.

Typically, corporate training isn’t that effective in getting across information. Studies show that employees retain less than 10% of it 30 days later.

The ineffectiveness of corporate training comes down to boring delivery methods.

Axonify overcomes this problem with gamification and brain science, in the form of short, fun -- and rewarding -- three-minute experiences that drive home key learning points.

“We are starting to see that brain-teaser type games, and those with "level up" elements, are the ones employees choose most often.” said Carol Leaman, Axonify CEO.

Carol Leaman was one of the first executives in residence at Communitech, and is also a mentor for the HYPERDRIVE program.

There is $17,000 up for grabs. All you have to do is register, create and upload your game(s), by Aug. 16, 2013.