Peer2Peer Groups

Share challenges and lessons learned in a friendly, informal environment

Communitech's Peer2Peer Groups provide an opportunity for individuals in similar roles or functions to learn, exchange advice and explore best practices through a range of topics and session formats.

Active groups

Whether you work in tech or another industry, we've got a Peer2Peer group that's perfect for you. 

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Agile/Lean P2P

This Agile/Lean Communitech Peer2Peer Group is all about sharing information, education, ideas, insights and best practices with anyone keen on exploring agile principles and practices. We get together on the last Tuesday of each month. Usually we prefer in-person meetings, but for now, we’re doing the virtual thing. Join us at every meeting ready to learn, share and network!

Business Leaders P2P

Are you a business leader looking to connect with others who get what you're going through? Look no further! Our community is tailored for business leaders within Communitech membership, offering a space where you can build meaningful connections, share your insights, swap strategies and discuss best practices.

Finance P2P

CFOs and finance teams share ideas and solutions on managing a tech company’s bottom line. Forums include guest speakers and roundtable discussions on technical topics such as strategy, risk management, compliance, business planning, financing, productivity tools, taxation and Federal Budget updates. They also include skills-related topics such as leadership, teamwork, presentation skills. CPAs can gain professional development learning credits at some sessions.

Future of Work and Learning

As global trends and tech advancements accelerate, adaptability has become key for survival and success. The talent gap is widening amidst growing competition for innovation and AI-induced workforce shifts. Our Communitech Peer2Peer Group welcomes all interested in the future of work and learning – tech enthusiasts, educators, government leaders, HR professionals and more. Together, we'll navigate the evolving Canadian work and learning landscape. P2P meetups offer a melting pot of insights, sharing best practices across diverse domains. Join us to explore topics like upskilling, remote work, blended workforces and innovative learning approaches.

Generative AI

Welcome to "Generative AI Peer2Peer" – a vibrant community dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of Generative AI! Our mission is to empower individuals to fully leverage the capabilities of GenAI, fostering a space where ideas flourish and collaborations thrive. Whether you're a founder, developer, enthusiast, or simply curious, our group is a melting pot for sharing insights, exploring industry applications, and staying abreast of the latest trends in applied generative AI. We emphasize creativity, learning, and joint exploration, making it the perfect environment to create, discuss, and innovate. Join us as we journey through the exciting landscape of Generative AI, shaping the future together!

HRnet P2P

The HRnet Communitech Peer2Peer Group brings together tech HR professionals to explore the intricacies of finding, retaining and nurturing talent. We meet either on the second Wednesday afternoon or the second Thursday morning each month. Our steering committee ensures an enriching experience by curating engaging sessions with guest speakers, panels and round table discussions. Topics span from culture and engagement to legal updates, org structure, diversity, inclusion and more. Connecting and sharing best practices is at the heart of what we do, and we've got a Slack Channel for just that. Drop us a message if you're keen on joining HRnet!

Indie Game Development

This is a growing group of locals from area code 519 who share a passion for creating games or apps and are looking to level up. Whether you’re into Unity 3D, Eclipse Origins, Java, C#, Blender 3D, Photoshop or any other design medium, we’re thrilled to have you on board!

KW Quantum Technology Enthusiasts 

Kitchener Quantum Tech Learning Hub is a community of passionate individuals exploring the wonders of quantum science and technologies. If you're eager to learn and share your excitement about quantum tech, you're in the right place! We host awesome events regularly, featuring experts from across the globe who share the latest and greatest in quantum technologies.

Marketing P2P

Get creative. Meet marketers in the Waterloo Region. Inspire action. Welcome to Marketing Peer2Peer! The Marketing Peer2Peer Group is for marketing leaders and practitioners to share, connect and learn. We hold events with expert speakers invited to discuss and debate topics such as marketing strategy, product strategy, branding, advertising, promotions, publicity, social marketing, insight and analysis and hot topics for the marketing professional.

PMConnect P2P

Our sessions are designed to foster a supportive community where project managers can exchange knowledge and stay at the forefront of industry trends. From discussions on soft skills to exploring best practices in project management, our monthly themes are as diverse as our members. Plus, there's a fantastic perk for PMs: Attendees can earn professional development units (PDUs) to help with PMP recertification. Mark your calendars and join us every third Friday of the month for an enriching experience! This group is affiliated with both Communitech as a Peer2Peer Group, and with the Project Management Institute Canadian Technology Triangle Chapter (PMI-CTT) as a local group.

Product Management P2P

We're a bunch of Product Managers who love sharing our experiences and learning from one another. Join us on this journey where we chat about the ups, downs, successes and all the cool stuff that comes with being a Product Manager!

Sales Leaders P2P

This Communitech Peer2Peer Group is a space for  senior business development and sales professionals to freely share ideas, discuss common challenges and connect with fellow sales leaders. This is an open forum where we dive into topics such as lead generation, closing deals, sales team training, competitive intelligence and using social media to prospect.


(limited partnership with IxDA)

uxWaterloo is the perfect place for anyone with an interest in user experience (UX) design, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. Our monthly meetups feature a variety of activities such as workshops, presentations or informal gatherings over food and drinks. We're affiliated with both Communitech as a Peer2Peer Group, and with the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) as a local group.

Women in Tech

The Women in Tech Peer2Peer Group is your launchpad for a thriving career. Whether you're a seasoned leader, a budding entrepreneur, or just starting your journey, this supportive community welcomes women at all stages. We foster connection, knowledge sharing, and professional growth through: Meaningful Networks: Build genuine relationships with like-minded women facing similar challenges and opportunities. Shared Knowledge: Learn from each other's experiences, exchange ideas, and tackle roadblocks together. Empowerment Zone: Find unwavering support, encouragement, and the confidence to reach your full potential. Join us, rewrite the narrative for Women in Tech, and rise together!