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Home to public and private sector partners, labs are the workspace for innovation teams, working hard to accelerate their company’s ability to adapt and collaborate. Initially created to emphasize the relationships between corporates and startups, labs have expanded to offer the unique ability to connect with government, academia and companies of all sizes and sectors.

And you're not in it alone. Leverage the experience of 60+ corporate innovation clients and all that we've learned along the way.

You're in good company

Here are just a few of the brands who have hosted an innovation lab at Communitech.

What some of our current labs are up to

fair ventures logo

FairVentures helps Fairfax companies innovate by exploring emerging technologies, startup ecosystems, big data and digital business.

Why Communitech?
Nearby emerging technologies and innovative business models, staying relevant and on the leading edge of new trends.

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LCBO|next brings fresh ideas, creative thinking and new skills to complement and enhance LCBO’s technology initiatives.

Why Communitech?
Access to student talent, brand lift.

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TD Lab is an innovation team within TD focused on experiences 'for students, by students' that looks at the unique financial challenges of post-secondary life.

Why Communitech?

Collaboration with the broader lab and Waterloo Region tech ecosystem, involvement in corporate programming.

flight deck logo

The Flight Deck helps develop an innovative culture and drive modern tech solutions for the RCAF.

Why Communitech?
Access to student talent, physical showcase, innovation guidance.

Latest headlines about our labs

man stands in lcbo store

LCBO's innovation lab teams up with local retailers

Two Waterloo Region locations now serving as test beds for new technology-based products

two men stand in R.C.A.F.  innovation lab

How the Flight Deck found a fix for the RCAF's 'football'

Problem-busing app not only saves stacks of paper, it has lifted morale and bridged work cultures

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