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Technology offers amazing opportunities and strange, new challenges. In the face of all these changes and complications, how do we do the right thing? How do we know what the right thing is? We’re only going to find out by talking to each other – and that’s exactly what we do on True North TV.

Join our host, Communitech’s straight-shooting and inquisitive CEO, Iain Klugman, as he talks with guest experts to explore what it means to be human (and humane) in a tech-driven world. 

Tech For Good™ from Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada to the world (well, your browser for now). 

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Broadcasting from Canada’s innovation capital, Waterloo Region.

The birthplace of search, smartphones and the blue bin, it’s where quantum computing, AI, fintech, blockchain and robots are part of the daily vernacular. It’s one of the world’s hottest places to start and grow a tech business. And it’s one of the most dynamic, energetic innovation ecosystems in the world.

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Episode 28: It's the episode with Kumail Nanjiani!

The world could always use more Canada. But it could also use more people like our final guest of the year – actor, comedian and Tech for Good™ fan Kumail Nanjiani. He’s an Academy Award nominated screenwriter, the actor behind Dinesh on HBO’s Silicon Valley, a superhero in the upcoming Marvel film The Eternals and is an outspoken critic of racism, misogyny and all the other issues that we’re trying to put the spotlight on with our True North TV conversations.

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