Communitech shares refreshed three-year vision to provide the greatest growth opportunities for founders

In the span of a quarter-century, we’ve witnessed the birth of smartphones, the rise of social media empires and the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI). From the days of dial-up internet to the era of 5G connectivity, the pace of innovation has been nothing short of exciting.

Throughout these changing times, our mission at Communitech has remained the same: to help founders start, grow and succeed. In light of the significant shifts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a natural time to assess how we can continue to deliver on our mission. With a refreshed vision for the next three years, we’re putting greater focus on doing our part to build an ecosystem that provides the best growth opportunities for our founders.

A refreshed vision

Communitech’s refreshed strategy revolves around helping to build an ecosystem that provides prime opportunities for founders to succeed. We’re creating and nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem regionally, provincially and nationally, rooted in Waterloo Region.

At Communitech, we use our superpower to:

  • Connect: We bring together the right people, opportunities and resources at the right time
  • Convene: We create the space necessary for dialogue, collaboration and learning - where ideas are shared and partnerships are made
  • Catalyze: We provide the tools and support tech companies need to scale quickly and effectively in Canada

Why now?

As technology evolves, so does the ecosystem in which it operates. Communitech’s True North Strategy, established in 2021, set the course for faster and bigger growth for founders.

We will continue to identify, celebrate and support Canada’s high-performing companies as they scale into global superstars. We will also continue to listen to feedback from founders and partners, and consider how the COVID-19 pandemic changed things, such as access to capital, the job market and workplace models. This was an opportunity to adapt and refocus in a rapidly changing environment.

Our approach is built on four key pillars that guide founders in their journey from inception to expansion:

  • Access to markets: We facilitate connections to Canadian markets, including specialized sectors like health care, and extend our reach globally. In Ontario, we empower founders to seize opportunities in emerging fields such as electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • Access to capital: We help grow an investment community, prepare founders for investment opportunities and catalyze investments into our founders.
  • Access to talent: We help founders in sourcing, recruiting and retaining talent, both locally and internationally, providing valuable tools and support throughout the process.
  • Access to a community of support: We help drive a deep sense of community for founders by connecting them to the broader ecosystem, helping them capitalize on intangible assets and helping them connect with experts.

Proud of our roots

Communitech has proudly called Waterloo Region home since 1997. We are deeply rooted in our community and committed to fuelling Canadian innovation and supporting our local startup ecosystem.

We will further elevate Waterloo Region as a globally recognized hub for innovation and founder success. We will continue to position the region as one of the best places in the world to start, grow and scale a tech company. Through strategic partnerships, impactful events and storytelling, we aim to amplify Waterloo Region’s visibility on the global stage. We are also exploring the development of a unified innovation district that serves as a magnet for talent, investment and international recognition.

At Communitech, we are committed to helping founders collectively raise capital, driving growth and job creation in the region. Our programs and services are created to help attract and retain tech workers. By increasing cohesion within the tech ecosystem, we can attract greater startup growth and industry investment.

A provincial & national powerhouse

We are collaborating with partners across Ontario to strengthen the province’s position as a global tech leader, while building upon our roots in Waterloo Region. Alongside and in partnership with regional tech hubs, we’ll work to help establish an integrated ecosystem that will accelerate growth opportunities for both founders and industry.

Through initiatives like Canada’s Tech Network (CTN), we’re creating connections that amplify each region’s strengths, ensuring a more cohesive and interconnected support system.

Embracing Tech for Good principles, we’re committed to providing accessible programming for all founders and partners across the country.

Collaboration is key

Our community is strong because of support from our partners: established tech companies that want to lift others up, large organizations that are pillars in their industries and government players who care about economic and social impact.

At Communitech, we will continue to collaborate with our partners to create a supportive and interconnected tech ecosystem, providing founders with optimal growth opportunities. Our partnerships are critical and enable us to strengthen this ecosystem, ensuring founders have the resources to succeed and contribute to regional, provincial and national growth.

Ready to explore

Communitech is always keeping an eye on the horizon, focusing on emerging disruptive technologies like AI and Quantum. We’re expanding market access programming in critical sectors such as medtech and health care while exploring new opportunities in areas like national security, cyber security and advanced manufacturing. We’re focused on bringing the best opportunities to founders and discovering more ways to build a supportive ecosystem.

Learn more about our refreshed three-year vision for Communitech here.