Global applicants, endless possibilities

Hire without hassle.

Communitech Outposts makes it easy for Canadian tech companies to quickly onboard, pay and manage global employees without having to create a new corporate entity or hire a contractor.

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Hire based on the person, not location.

Communitech Outposts makes it easy for Canadian tech companies to hire abroad.

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Add HR capability to hire remote

for 1/8 of the cost and 1/10 of the time.

As your Employer-of-Record, we make it easy to hire global talent so you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a foreign back office. We do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is find your ideal candidate, then we take care of the hiring, payroll, health benefits, severance and everything in between through our network of in-country partners.

How we help

Quickly onboard, pay and manage global employees
without creating a new corporate entity.

With the support of a dedicated account manager, Canadian tech companies can expand their workforce outside of Canada without having to manage various state requirements, international compliance regulations, legal and HR components of an international hiring.

With our trusted partnerships, using Outposts means direct referrals to organizations like Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to help compete in global markets.

We’re more than just an employee-of-record service: Outposts is part of an ecosystem of support to help Canadian tech companies grow and succeed. It means tapping into a network and resources around talent, capital, sales and community. 

With an easy-to-use software platform, your employees are provided with a world-class user experience trusted by some of the biggest names in tech.

You’re in good company.

We support Canadian late-stage startups or scaleups that are looking to expand globally with on-the-ground employees.


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Communitech Outposts offers employer-of-record (EOR) service in more than 160 countries on every continent (except Antarctica – for now). Is your next artificial intelligence expert in Australia? We’ve got you covered. Need that great sales rep to open up the market in Japan or Germany? We can help! There’s great talent all over the world and Communitech Outposts is there to help you put boots on the ground – in weeks, not months. Don’t see the country you’re looking for? Send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Talent acquisition is in your court. You know your business needs, your culture and the types of roles you’re recruiting for. Once you find the perfect candidate and agree on compensation, the Communitech Outposts team steps in to simplify and complete the international hiring process. We compliantly hire the employee through our network of global entities, and handle all foreign filings and year-end requirements – substantially mitigating the cost and risk to your business. 

Communitech Outposts works with leading benefit providers in more than 160 countries to help you offer the best and most cost-effective health and extended benefits. No matter how many candidates you hire, we make sure you can provide a competitive group benefits package. We also ensure all mandatory state requirements, including pension plans, workers compensation, and even safety training are met.

Our team stays on top of the laws in each country where our clients have employees. We’ll work with you to ensure you understand all the compliance requirements relevant to your business and sector.

We handle all of the above. Communitech Outposts manages the entire scope of international employment on your behalf in more than 160 countries.

Communitech Outposts manages the payroll for all international employees, including sales representatives. The revenue generated by these employees goes directly back to your bottom line (or business)?

Yes! Joining Outposts means gaining access to all Communitech programming that can help you grow and scale your business. Check out our available programs here.