Generous Leadership

New leaders

Being a courageous leader means shifting from advocating for yourself to advocating for your team, their work, their ideas and their needs. This pivot requires intention and a mindful approach. In this program for new leaders, you’ll understand your level of influence and how you can elevate and uplift your team’s strengths and ideas.

In Generous Leadership you’ll learn how brave and confident leadership looks in today's workplace. Including how to leverage your influence and social capital to champion your team and advance your mission. Working with your peers, you'll tackle a variety of situational challenges and learn about what courageous and generous leadership looks like for you.

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    Program details

    This program is made up of four virtual sessions:

    Session 1

    Nov. 16, 2022

    Session 2

    Nov. 23, 2022

    Session 3

    Nov. 30, 2022

    Session 4

    Dec. 7, 2022

    What you’ll learn

    By the end of the program you’ll:

    • Define generous leadership and discover what it means to you. Demonstrate how to advocate for others and amplify their ideas.
    • Develop strategies to promote your team and their work so that they may benefit from appropriate resourcing and a raised profile in your organization.
    • Identify how to elevate your persona and influence within your organization.
    • Leverage your influence to champion your team’s goals and advance your mission, so that they feel supported and have an increased likelihood of success.
    • Determine which roadblocks are causing stress on your team, discover a path forward and create opportunities for improvement.