Agents of Adaptability

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The pace of workplace change is accelerating.

Adaptability is consistently ranked as the #1 in-demand skill. It's clear we need to adapt to thrive, but the deeper question is: can we practice adaptability in a way that leaves us feeling energized rather than depleted?

Offered in partnership with The Making-Box, this program includes a series of interactive group and breakout activities inspired by positive psychology, cognitive science and applied improvisation. After each exercise, we unpack discoveries and applications.

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Program details

This program is made up of one virtual session:

Session 1

Nov. 15, 2023

What you’ll learn

This program will unlock a level of fun most don’t think possible when learning and leave participants with:

  • A deeper understanding of adaptability and why it is a critical future-ready skill.
  • Micro-practices for collaborating effectively in environments of rapid change and uncertainty.
  • Positive shared experiences and a deeper appreciation of each other.