Take things up a notch with Uplift

Funding and support for women and/or non-binary founders from underrepresented groups

Fierce Founders Uplift helps accelerate your path from startup to world leader. Participating companies receive $10,000 in non-matching funds and one-on-one advice from Communitech growth coaches. 

Selected companies will have a minimum viable product (MVP), some early traction and ideas on how to elevate their business.

Applications are currently closed. Stay tuned for more info!

To qualify for this program, you are:

  • A woman and/or non-binary founder from an under-represented group. (i.e. you identify with an under-represented ethnicity/race, as having a disability, or as a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community).
  • Coachable and driven.
  • The founder of a tech company based in Ontario (eight spots available) or across Canada (two spots available).
  • A company that has completed some market validation and has a few paying customers or pilots.

Through this 3 - 5 month program, participants will: 

  • Receive $10,000 in non-matching funds.
  • Connect and build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Access hands-on support from Communitech’s experienced growth coaches to help build and execute on a customized growth plan. 
  • Receive assistance identifying market opportunities and uncovering the gaps within their go-to-market strategy.
  • Expand leadership and business skills through one-on-one coaching and workshops. 

Applications are now closed.

Qualified candidates will be selected for an interview process with Communitech growth coaches and up to 10 companies will be selected to participate in the program. Part of the interview process will be an in-depth diagnostic of each company conducted by Charles Plant, Communitech Growth Coach, and founder of the Narwal Project.

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