Collaboration policy

The Communitech ecosystem is dynamic and diverse. When connections are made, great things can happen, but things can also get messy.

It’s important to us that everyone’s interests are protected when collaborating.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Companies associated with Communitech (members, tenants, sponsors, etc.) are not covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in their dealings with each other. Such agreements must be put into place as required.

Interactions should begin by discussing the intention and depth of your engagement. Also, know what you are willing to share; this will help to determine if a legal document is required.

Once the engagement requires the disclosure of confidential information, prepare and sign an NDA (examples of confidential information include source code, product road maps and detailed processes). A well-drafted NDA should go beyond a commitment to keep information confidential and should limit the purposes for which the confidential information may be used.

Confidential information

Confidential materials (emails, proposals, presentations etc.) should be labeled as such. Verbal dialogue must be preceded with a disclaimer of confidentiality (if applicable).

Due diligence

 Document all meetings, emails, phone calls etc., to ensure an accurate history of interactions.

Perform due diligence within your company to determine if similar or duplicate efforts are underway.

At the end of the day …

Play fair and negotiate in good faith. Large companies typically have more resources; this increased capability should never be used to take advantage of any individual or company. No matter what your size, if you’re uncertain, seek input from legal counsel or other trusted parties. Always err on the conservative side if you have any concerns.


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