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In an era when tech and trust are like oil and water, artificial intelligence is silently at work, affecting our lives at an exponential rate.

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Good AI: Putting ethical AI into practice

Tech For Good: Good AI is a national coalition with a mission to help ensure AI is a positive force for our global economy, society and environment. We build actionable strategies to help Canada’s tech founders to create trustworthy AI, and their customers to identify it. Canada leads the world on trust and AI research. That means big, billion-dollar opportunities for Canadian AI companies.

Canada is where we operationalize Good AI,  not just talk about it.

Good AI starts with the right partners.

With the right partners, the Tech for Good: Good AI Coalition will inform and contribute to the creation of AI standards that guide responsible use of AI, for the benefit of all.

We are looking for you to help make responsible AI a reality. We need partners with expertise in:

  • Standards and compliance
  • Human rights and ethics
  • Priority AI markets including health, cities, and finance) 
  • Research & talent 
  • Capital 
  • Tech founders 

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